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Today I have a good news.

Internet Explorer 9 beta is about to launched! The anouncement will be tomorrow, follow by the download around a day later.

This new version will only run on Windows Vista/7, so this is a bad news for XP users, but there are alternative browsers available for XP eg Firefox.


Picture of my playlist


Today, I will share you something really cool.

If you are iTunes user, you might be happy to know that you can directly copy and paste musics from a clipboard into the iTunes library. Copy any musics from anywhere to the iTunes library window, and boom…it’s automaticly added to the playlist.

Use this method to replace the old method of clicking file, then add…bla bla bla…replace browsing to the music with this nice feature!

Hi again,

This is my updated review on the best free screen session recorder.

Again, the best program should meet following:

Usability – is the program and it’s interface easy to use/understand?¬†Does the program is so easy to use that even monkey can use it?

Licence – does the program free?

Development – is the program still developing?

Record capability – can the program record anything on the screen and from the speaker/microphone? Can it even record secure desktop area like uac?

Video/audio quality – how well the output was produced. Does the graphics appeared blurly? Does the audio correctly follows the video?

Virtual machine/game recording – can the program record guest session from host? Can it record windowed/fullscreen games?

Documentations – does the program has any support documentations?

When it comes down to the best screen recorders, the real best one is the one that you can record your screen the way you want and you can comertially use it.

Camstudio: 10. Great app, it is the clear winner. I thought it can’t record virtual machine sessions, but it magicly works! It is also very easy to use – I think even a monkey can use it! It is also light on resource – it is just 2 mb in size of installer, and just 12 mb when installed. It can also be made portable – it’s settings are saved in .ini files like DeSmuMe – you can copy the whole content of the install folder and put it in your USB and use it anywhere you go! I think this is the only app that can be made portable. It also still developing, and it has a fair help resources.

BB Flashback Express: 9. This thing is cool – it has lots of options, and it is still developing. But it has a force-driver installation in which it will install a display driver, which is not good – I think not all video card is compatible with the driver and you might get a bsod! The output was also very choppy. But if you want to try, then this isn’t a bad choice at all. I don’t know if it has any help resource, but it might have.

Hypercam: 9.5. A little better than BB Flashback Express – it doesn’t have force-driver installation, and it’s quite light on resources. It’s output quality was great. It is also still developing. It also has good help documentations.

Debut: 8. It is my third choice – it’s extremely light – the installer size is less then 1 mb, it produces vedio in great quality, but audio seems to be a bit laggy, and it’s development isn’t so active. I don’t know if it has help resource or not.

DeSmuMe: 5. Although targetted as a DS emulator, it too has a build in screen recorder which can record games. It also records sounds and produces perfect quality of output. But on the downside, it can only record the game, it can’t record in fixed region or panning, and it seems to be broken right now.

All of these are top picks if you have any program to suggest then post them here along with the link to their sites so I can tes them out.


Good news, my website is now up!

It’s here http://supanut2000.webs.com.

My forum at http://supanut2000.activeboard.com is also updated, now there is more categories for you to post.

Also, at my site, I had upload a test file to test if the file will download. So go here http://supanut2000.webs.com/downloads.htm, then click on the My Manuals.rar link, and see if the file will download. I tested that, and it works.

So, help me test this please!

Hi again,

Today, I will give you review of the best free screen recorder.

This is a complete rewritten.

Rating routine is the same as all of my reviews.

Best screen recorder should meet the following:

Interface – is the interface easy to use even with blind or people who depends on screen readers?

Licence – does it free/open source? Does the free version has any limitations?

Virtual machine capture capability – can the program capture virtual machine sessions?

Game capability – can the program captures games?

Development – is the program still developing?

Documentations – does the program provide any FAQS, forums, or wiki pages?

Here goes the ratings…

Hyper Cam: 10. My first choice is Hyper Cam. It’s now free, can capture virtual machine sessions and game sessions, it has some useful documentations, and many more features. Although it seems to not being developed, but it still good, and also it contains many more features that is not listed as requirements.

Cam Studio: 9. My second choice is Cam Studio. It has similar features as Hyper Cam, but it has build in movie player, and it is open source which mean you can modify it. But on the downside, it’s virtual machine sessions capture capability is still broken as it tends to fail to save a file when I tried record a session in VMware running Windows me. I don’t know about in-game sessions, but I don’t think it works good. But like Hyper Cam, it has some other features not listed here as requirements.

Debut: 8. Debut was my third choice due to it’s small in download size, can capture virtual machine and game sessions, and it’s audio quality was exceptable. But it is not really free, and it appears to not being developed any longer.

DeSmuMe: 5. Although targeted for DS emulation, it has a build in avi recorder, which can record sounds. It’s audio quality is good. But it’s avi recorder seems to be broken at the moment, and it’s only for recording games, not for regular podcasts.

Winner: Hyper Cam and Cam Studio. These programs closely match each other due to it’s similar functionality and capability of capturing screens and audio.

Loser: Debut and DeSmuMe. These programs, especially Debut, has a slower framerate while capturing screens, and audio quality when playback is slitely broken, and Debut doesn’t seems to be active in development at the moment. DeSmuMe is only just for recording game sessions, and you can’t select a region to record or let the recording rectangle follows the mouse. Plus you can’t save it to SWF format.


Today, I will give you an updated review of web browsers.

Firefox: same

Internet Explorer: 8. Only one new advantage that I found is it lets you import settings from firefox, but this method isn’t really working.

Opera: same

Safari: same

Chrome: same

Slim Browser: 6. Another IE clone, nothing good really, but at least it has some skin options.

The World Browser: 5. Yet another IE clone, nothing really good, plus it is difficult to put a focus on the webpage when you do something else.

Maxthon: 1 for current version, 5 for classic versions. Suffers from same problems as Safari, Chrome, and Opera in the current version. The classic version doesn’t really have lots of feature.

Sleipnir: 6. Another IE clone, which shares the same advantages and disadvantages as IE.

Wyzo: same.

Winner: same – Firefox

Loser: same – Opera, Safari, Chrome and latest version of Maxthon.

Best DS Emulators


Today, I will give you another review, this time about best DS emulator.

The best DS emulator should meet the following:

User interface – is the interface is easy to use?

Compatibility with games – can that emulator playy 3D games like Pokemon and other 3D games?

System compatibility – can the emulator be run from any system? Did it needs any additional library packages?

Development – Is the emulator still developing?

Licence – is the emulator free? Does it has source code available for further modification?

Documentation – does the emulator has any help file, FAQ, forum or wiki?

Speed – how fast can the emulator run games?

System resources and size – is the emulator light on system resources and size?

Ratings are as follows: 1=worst, 10=best

DeSmuMe: 10/10. Open source rules! DeSmuMe surely be the best because it still developing, it’s fast, it has a very good help resources – it has a wiki pages for manual, FAQ, and cheats as well as forum. It also can be run purely – it is written in pure C++, w/o .net or GTK libraries. Also, the latest v0.9.6 now has the option to enter fullscreen mode, which is a feature that many people wants. It is also light on system resources and size. There are just many things to say about this Emulator about why it is so good. It is also nearly score the oldest DS emulator, which surprises me, but No$gba is older – it’s project started in 2001, but DeSmuMe’s project started in 2006, but if DeSmuMe continues to be developing for like 5 or 10 years, then it surely will score the oldest.

iDeaS: 9/10. My second choice is iDeaS. It has nothing to run, it is light on resources and size, and it is still developing. The bad thing is that it’s sound quality isn’t good, the graphics are still a bit broken, and it doesn’t has fullscreen mode option.

No$gba: 5/10. This out of date emulator is only good for it’s speed and it’s light on resources and size. The bad thing is that it’s not been updated since 2008, that means it is missing a lot of new features. It’s graphics quality is very poor, and it has no help file, FAQ, manual¬† or documentations, other than external forums, which isn’t really any help.

The best emulator = DeSmuMe. It meets all requirements.

But still, if one likes it’s interface and look, then none of these would be a bad choice.

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