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Sorry for not updating for sometimes – I’ve having a busy times – but now I’m free.

Basicly, today I will show you how you can install a Mac on your Windows – without dual boot/using VMware Workstation/buying a new comp!

This guide will use Windows 7 Ultimate x86 as a host OS, and Mac OS 9 as a guest OS. We will use the Sheepshaver program, which is quite an abandonware software – amazing that it still works on Windows 7.

Note this works only for clasic Mac OS, not Mac OSX.

What you’ll need;

  • Sheepshaver(latest build possible)
  • System7.5.3 and 7.5.5 installation files
  • Mac OS 9 CDROM
  • Rom File – this could be found on the internet, but rare since it’s against Apple’s licence agreement but now Apple probably stopped taking action against this
  • Mac OS8.5boot disk to install System7.5.3
  • GTK runtime(latest version)

How to do:

  1. first thing – download Sheepshaver – you can find it on the internet. Download it and extract to where ever.
  2. Run the sheepsheaver gui.exe file. Adjust the settings to your favor, but you must follow these settings: Memory=64mb, romfile=your own romfile or the one included with the download.
  3. Back at the general tab, click add and browse for the bootdisk. Load it so it appears in the volume list.
  4. Open hfv explorer and create a new hfv file – 500mb is recommended. Give it a name and filename – system7 is probably good.
  5. Boot the emulator and install System7.5.3 and update to System7.5.5. Make sure that during the System7.5.3 installation you choose your hfv file as the drive to install the OS to.
  6. Open hfv explorer again and create a new hfv file but this time called it System9. We do this because I believe the installer won’t let you upgrade from sys7.5.5 to macos9
  7. Go the sheepshaver settings and add the System9 hard disk file.
  8. Shutdown the guest OS and insert the Mac OS 9 CD. There should be no autoplay dialog because there is no .exe file on the disk.
  9. Boot the guest OS from System7.5.5 hard disk and launch the OS9 installation program.
  10. Make sure, and I mean make sure, that you select System9 as the disk the OS will be installed to. Selecting System7 will cause the installation to fail.
  11. Shutdown the emulator and go back to the settings and move the System9 hard disk to the top.

That’s it! You’ve created an Mac OS 9 environment inside Windows 7!


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