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Today I just received E-mail from Microsoft. Basicly the survey asks you how do you think about Microsoft.

Here is what I think of Microsoft while answering the survey…

1. I think Microsoft is an awesome company, but here is a few things I want Microsoft to improve.

1. The price of an products – the pricing is too high, which is a problem for people who live in poorer developing countries like Thailand because these people can’t afort to buy those products and have to rely on pirated versions downloaded from torrents or got it from a friend.

2. Supported operating systems – the way MS deals with supported versions of Windows is very negative. For example, Microsoft drasticly dropped Windows 2000 support on IE7 onwards and Office2007 onwards, dropped Windows XP support on IE9 and Windows Live Essentials 2011, Dropped Windows 9x support on Office XP, and dropped help support for older versions of Windows without good reasons. Microsoft should really change the way they deal with supports. There are people living in poor country and want good quality and new products but must pay just for an upgrade for their PC in order to take advantage of new products…not everyone have that kind of money to afort the upgrade – for example people live in Africa or countryside of Thailand might not even have money to buy Windows XP or Windows 7 just to use IE8/Office2010/IE9/WL2011! Microsoft should really turn their focus and care more on poorer developing world, not just for richer developed world!

2. Another good thing about Microsoft is that all products are screen reader friendly and not too hard to learn especially for people with visual impairment or folks who are blind.

What do you think about Microsoft? Give your opinions in the survey and share your thoughts!


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