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Beware of Facebook spims!


Today, I just go to check my Facebook friends galary, and I notice 2 new people are added, Also like my older post on wordpress, there are a number of people who I’ve questioned until now.

There was this guy called ‘Sasha Nicol Thompson’…

There was also this dude called ‘Pop Pitayachaikul’…

There was this kid called ‘Rit Charoenpanon’…

There was another person called ‘Phaiiz Tarasansombat’…

There was this guy called ‘Amy Mccormick’…

There was a people named ‘Vanessa Rachel Tauro’…

There was also this kid called ‘Monique Rowson’…

There was another guy called ‘Jirapa Milky’…

There was this shit called ‘Minnie Chutikarn’…

And there was this guy called ‘Chutimas Mikey’…!

Like I said, I don’t know who these shits are, but they might not be in my school…who knows…they might be someone from China…or they might be some shits from my school…but they maybe a members of a botnet…!

Since this post is accessible from Facebook, tomorrow I’ll ask my friends who those shits above are…if they say those shits from my school…then good…but if my friends say they don’t know any of those shits…then I’m fear that I’ve been hacked…!


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