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Beware of Facebook Threats!


I’ve just read on AVG site that there are around 5981 infected pages, and 45 threats on Facebook!

This shows that Facebook is a #1 focus for hackers!

Also be careful when adding friends – sometimes they can be a joke!

Here’s some few people that I’ve questioned…

There was this guy called ‘Sasha Nicol Thompson’…

There was this person called ‘Pop Pitayachaikul’…

There was another guy called ‘Rit Charoenpanon’…

There was this guy called ‘Phaiiz Tarasansombat’…

There was this person called ‘Amy Mccormick’…

There was another person called ‘Vanessa Rachel Tauro’…

There was also this person called ‘Monique Rowson’…

And there was this guy called ‘Jirapa Milky’…!

I’m not sure who they are, but I’m quite certain that they’re not someone from my school…although the names seems familiar…but who knows…maybe they’re from other places…or they’re really from my school…but maybe they’re some sort of spams/spims…!

These shows that you really have to be careful on Facebook! Don’t ever add someone that you don’t know…if the name seems familiar to you then…question them first…as they can actually be a spammers…there are around 100,000,000,000,000,000 spammers on Facebook…!

Be safe!


High school(year 7 and up) must read!

Recently I’ve just discovered a post on AVG blog about status jacking. This is the latest technique to threaten users on Facebook. What it does is to post stuff on your wall w/o your permition. This can ruin the trust worthyness of your friends!

On the worst case, hackers can even change your log in info, preventing you from log in again ever!

Children of high school and college are most at risk…as they always use Facebook for eg for asking about homework, for asking about school project, for just chatting, and for other reasons.

Be careful there!


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