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Hi again,

Today, I will give you review of the best free screen recorder.

This is a complete rewritten.

Rating routine is the same as all of my reviews.

Best screen recorder should meet the following:

Interface – is the interface easy to use even with blind or people who depends on screen readers?

Licence – does it free/open source? Does the free version has any limitations?

Virtual machine capture capability – can the program capture virtual machine sessions?

Game capability – can the program captures games?

Development – is the program still developing?

Documentations – does the program provide any FAQS, forums, or wiki pages?

Here goes the ratings…

Hyper Cam: 10. My first choice is Hyper Cam. It’s now free, can capture virtual machine sessions and game sessions, it has some useful documentations, and many more features. Although it seems to not being developed, but it still good, and also it contains many more features that is not listed as requirements.

Cam Studio: 9. My second choice is Cam Studio. It has similar features as Hyper Cam, but it has build in movie player, and it is open source which mean you can modify it. But on the downside, it’s virtual machine sessions capture capability is still broken as it tends to fail to save a file when I tried record a session in VMware running Windows me. I don’t know about in-game sessions, but I don’t think it works good. But like Hyper Cam, it has some other features not listed here as requirements.

Debut: 8. Debut was my third choice due to it’s small in download size, can capture virtual machine and game sessions, and it’s audio quality was exceptable. But it is not really free, and it appears to not being developed any longer.

DeSmuMe: 5. Although targeted for DS emulation, it has a build in avi recorder, which can record sounds. It’s audio quality is good. But it’s avi recorder seems to be broken at the moment, and it’s only for recording games, not for regular podcasts.

Winner: Hyper Cam and Cam Studio. These programs closely match each other due to it’s similar functionality and capability of capturing screens and audio.

Loser: Debut and DeSmuMe. These programs, especially Debut, has a slower framerate while capturing screens, and audio quality when playback is slitely broken, and Debut doesn’t seems to be active in development at the moment. DeSmuMe is only just for recording game sessions, and you can’t select a region to record or let the recording rectangle follows the mouse. Plus you can’t save it to SWF format.


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