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Best DS Emulators


Today, I will give you another review, this time about best DS emulator.

The best DS emulator should meet the following:

User interface – is the interface is easy to use?

Compatibility with games – can that emulator playy 3D games like Pokemon and other 3D games?

System compatibility – can the emulator be run from any system? Did it needs any additional library packages?

Development – Is the emulator still developing?

Licence – is the emulator free? Does it has source code available for further modification?

Documentation – does the emulator has any help file, FAQ, forum or wiki?

Speed – how fast can the emulator run games?

System resources and size – is the emulator light on system resources and size?

Ratings are as follows: 1=worst, 10=best

DeSmuMe: 10/10. Open source rules! DeSmuMe surely be the best because it still developing, it’s fast, it has a very good help resources – it has a wiki pages for manual, FAQ, and cheats as well as forum. It also can be run purely – it is written in pure C++, w/o .net or GTK libraries. Also, the latest v0.9.6 now has the option to enter fullscreen mode, which is a feature that many people wants. It is also light on system resources and size. There are just many things to say about this Emulator about why it is so good. It is also nearly score the oldest DS emulator, which surprises me, but No$gba is older – it’s project started in 2001, but DeSmuMe’s project started in 2006, but if DeSmuMe continues to be developing for like 5 or 10 years, then it surely will score the oldest.

iDeaS: 9/10. My second choice is iDeaS. It has nothing to run, it is light on resources and size, and it is still developing. The bad thing is that it’s sound quality isn’t good, the graphics are still a bit broken, and it doesn’t has fullscreen mode option.

No$gba: 5/10. This out of date emulator is only good for it’s speed and it’s light on resources and size. The bad thing is that it’s not been updated since 2008, that means it is missing a lot of new features. It’s graphics quality is very poor, and it has no help file, FAQ, manual  or documentations, other than external forums, which isn’t really any help.

The best emulator = DeSmuMe. It meets all requirements.

But still, if one likes it’s interface and look, then none of these would be a bad choice.


Comments on: "Best DS Emulators" (1)

  1. supanut5 said:

    DeSmuMe catches the best emulator because it’s very stable and it fixes many bugs that previous version suffers. Also since version 0.9.4, DeSmuMe fixes all the saving bugs from 0.9.2, thus make it got a high rating.

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