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Hello everyone!
As the topic suggest, today I will show you how to make your desktop look like Longhorn;b.3718! But before that, I will tell you some updates.
1. My old forum at http://supanut.activeboard.com is now abandon, as well as the other one. The new one is at http://supanut2000.activeboard.com.
2. I had just update my blog’s appearance, now the whole blog is blue, and should be easier to read than the previous theme.
Now to the topic…
So, you’ve seen various screenshots of Longhorn B.3718 with the cool plex theme, and you feel jellous about the theme? Or you’ve use to have that build installed in your comp and you’ve formatted your comp and install XP and now you missed that awsom theme badly? Well, I have a sollution.
You can try searching on google, but it is no good since this theme is now out of date. Luckily, Windows X had created a theme which closely represent Longhorn B.3718. It’s here http://www.windowsx.deviantart.com/gallery/#/ds61i.
Enjoy with your Longhorn B.3718 refresh!


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