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It’s quite a long time since no update to my blog, huh?

Well here is an update.

Well, now I have some more times to create posts, because work at school is less and that’s because the school is ending. Last few weeks I have had no time to make any posts because I have to prepare for exam. But well it’s over.

Well, today I will talk about best and worst web browser.

A best browser should meet the following:

Easy to use – user interface are easy to understand, meaning that less time is spend playing around with the interface.

Accessible to blind people – the browser is compatible with screen readers.

Safe – the browser has build in antivirus, antispam, or any kind of protection, or offers extensions that can secure the browser.

Speed – the browser loads pages fast, without losing screen reader’s focus.

Fast downloading – the browser can speed up downloads, or has third-party extension to speed up download.

Compatibility – the browser is compatible with many systems.

Documentation – the browser has help documentation and faq.

Portability – the browser can be made portable or the portable version exists.

Development – the browser is still developing and there is some description of future plans.

Extensibility – the browser has many add ons to further extend the browser’s functionality.

Backup – the browser’s profiles and cookies are easy to be found and backup, and easy to restore after the reformating of the computer.

Installation and slipstreaming – the browser is easy to install, and is suitable for slipstreaming to be preinstalled.

The ratings are follows; 1 = worst, 10 = best.

Internet Explorer: 7. Goods – it is preinstalled on Windows, it is still developing, and at least some extensions are available. It is also screen reader friendly. Bads – it stores it’s profiles and cookies in a registry, meaning that profiles and cookies are difficult to be backup, it can’t speed up downloads, its compatibility are very narrow, the browser can’t be made portable/portable versions doesn’t exists, and it is not really suitable for slipstreaming as it requires a restart after installation, but you can skip 9it.

Mozilla Firefox: 10. Goods – it is easy to use, it is screen reader friendly, it is actively developing, profiles and cookies are easy to be backup and restore, it is suitable to be slipstream because of no need to restart a computer, it at least has some extension for security and speeding up downloads, it loads pages faster, it is compatible with many systems, it has many extensions for further browser function extending, and there is some future plans. It also has a well-organized documentations – release notes for each release, help, faq and more. Bads – there is no add ons preinstalled when installing it clean.

Opera: 1. Goods – it can be slipstream to be preinstalled, and there is at least some extensions. Bads – it is not screen reader friendly – it loads pages too fast, plus it uses some kind of rendering engine that no screen reader supports. Further than that, it doesn’t seems to has any extension that can secure the browser, and it doesn’t seems to have any extension for speeding up downloads. The size of the installation files are quite big.

Safari: 1. Nothing good, suffers the same from Opera.

Google Chrome: 1. Nothing good, suffers same from Opera and Safari.

Wyzo: 9.9. Same good things as Firefox, but it at least has some extensions preinstalled with it. Bad – the documentations aren’t quite well organized – very short faq, no release notes or help, and there is not much info about its development, plus the system requirements aren’t clear.

The best browser are … Mozilla Firefox. It meets all requirements listed.

The worst browser are … Opera, Safari, and Gooble Chrome. It barely meets any requirements.

Recommended browser are … Internet Explorer, Wyzo, and Mozilla Firefox. These browsers can simplifies web browsing when are run together.

Any new suggestions or debates are welcome.


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