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Good news,
The long political war in Bangkok since March is over.
After a battle and burning yesterday, Bangkok is now in a recovery era. Basicley, nearly all buildings in the protest zone are either dammaged or destroied by the hell of blaze.
Since the police can’t catch the person who set blaze yesterday, there is always a chance that the situation will get worse. But as soon as the police can catch that person, Bangkok will be in a full recovery era. The reason that it is not full recovery era right now because the chriminals is still escaping, which means if they think all officers spend time recovering the town, the chriminals may come back for a revenge, making situation even worse.
Acording to the news, it is believe that the chriminals seems to be doing this from the command of their boss, and they are doing it in a kind of remote network or a botnet where everyone follows the boss’s commands and instructions.
Even though, the curfew is still going, so just another warning, you can’t leave your house from 9PM today until 5AM tomorrow, and this will apply for two more nights. Also, the trains still down and the shops are down, so you can basicley go nowhere.
I think this recovery era will last throughout this year, and even through the first half of next year.
For the whole city to become fully recovered, I think it will take at least 5-6 years, since most shopping centers needs an repairment or reconstruction.
So be safe!


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