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You must read this! I will spread it to every forums soon if possible!
*** for those of you that are living in Bangkok, it is not safe. Move out as soon as possible! Those red shirts are planning to destroy the whole city, especially the inner parts!
Now, most shops are closed, and banks are closed. Even some international schools are closed, and all Thai schools postponed the start of the first term!. This is pretty much it for most of you, you can’t go anywhere, neither to buy water nor to get money out of the bank. If you had no spare money, water or food, you are falling into extreme poverty. Bangkok is no longer a safe place.
Even my family experienced the same problem, but we still have spare water and food. Even though the red shirts had anounced the end of the protest, but there are bad guys are causing trouble around. Also, if you’ve heard the news, you can’t go out from 8PM until 6AM the next day. That means you can’t leave your village and/or your soi.
This is like a civil war, and if it continues to get worse, Bangkok will sure suffers poverty.
The best way to save yourself and your family is to move out of your house and go back to your home country. This is safest because even in other provinces there are similar situation.
Thanks for reading;
Be safe!


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