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Want to know what the title means?
Well…well…I finally install Windows NT 4.0 into a usable condition under VMware!
Here is how I do!
First you creat a new VMware image and point to the install image and set the hard disk to 10gb.
Second you install Windows NT as you would normally did back in the old days.
Third, install sp6.
Next, install VMware tools and set the display to true color and resolution to your host resolution eg 800*600.
Next, install Internet Explorer 4. This will give you Windows 98 desktop.
Then, set up the internet connection as you would normally do.
Next, upgrade to Internet Explorer 5.5, the last version to natively run on Windows NT 4.0.
After that, install sound driver (I recommended Sound Blaster) because it is the only sound driver to work under VMware-based PC.
Next, patch your system with all hotfixes and updates that Microsoft offered for Windows NT 4.0.
Finally, install software acording to your need (but note that modern software such as Jaws 11, Internet Explorer 8, or Office 2010 will not work under Windows NT 4.0).
If you’ve followed my guide correctly, you should have a very usable Windows NT 4.0 in VMware.

Note this is not tested in Virtual PC; you’re on your own if you are using Virtual PC.


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