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Today, I’m bringing you cool trick!
Ever want to make your Windows XP classic start menu look like Windows 98? Here is how!
VMware Workstation (latest version)
VMware disk mount gui and VMware disk mount utility
A VM with Windows 98 (Second Edition recommended)
A computer with Windows XP (SP3 recommended)
Resource hacker
1. Mount your Windows 98 VMDK file.
2. Copy explorer.exe from the Windows 98 Windows folder to a temperary folder.
3. Open that explorer.exe in Resource hacker.
4. Expand the bipmaps folder, and find the 157 folder.
5. Right-click on the 1033, then click ‘save bipmap 157\1033’, then select where you want to save the resources.
6. Make a backup copy of explorer.exe in your host Windows folder.
7. Open resource hacker again, and open your backup explorer.exe
8. Expand the bipmaps folder, and replace the bipmaps in the 162, 165, 166, and 167 folder with the file ‘bipmap7.bmp from your Windows 98 explorer.exe.
8. Save the file.
9. Run replacer and follow the instructions.
10. Reboot your system after it is completed.
Congraduations! you have a Windows 98 start menu!
Only works with Windows XP!


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