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Today, I’m introducing you some cool stuff. That is, making Windows 1.04 Bootskin!
After trials and errors, I finally got it working.
Bootskin (latest version)
Earthandview (latest version)
Artweaver (latest version)
A Windows XP computer
Internet connection
1. Go on google and search for "Windows 1.04", then click on image search.
2. Look for image with dark blue background, and a white writings.
3. Save that image as bmp format.
5. Open Earthandview, then browse to your logo.
6. Click on image menu, then select decrease color depth, then select the 16 colors, then type 16 in the colors box.
7. Click OK, then save the new image in new folder.
8. Creat a file in notepad called “bootskin.ini”, then add the following entries:
Name = “”
Author = “”
Description = “”
In the name quote, put a name for your skin eg: Windows 1.04
In the author quote, put your name.
In the description quote, put your description of your skin.
Finally, in the Screen line, place a file name of your skin.bmp. Note after = sign don’t have spaces, but your skin can have spaces. Also, you must save the bmp file in the same folder as your bootskin.ini. Save the ini file.
9. launch Bootskin, and you will see your new bootskin at the bottom of the list.
10. Click apply, then click OK in the message box.
11. Optionally, reboot your computer to see your new bootskin!
Only works on Windows XP, not Vista/7! May work with Server 2003.


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