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Happy Songkran day visitors!
Today, I will tell you some cool trick.
The trick I will tell you is make Windows 3.11 bootable CD.
These instructions are ment to be used with VMware, but may also work with Virtualbox/Virtualpc.
VMware Player or VMware Workstation latest version.
VMware disk mount tool.
A vm with DOS and Windows 3.11 installed.
A blank CD.
A CD burning tool eg: Magiciso.
A DOS boot disk with CD rom support eg: Windows 95 boot disk.
1. Mount your Windows 3.11 virtual disk as any letters available in the VMware disk mount tool.
2. Copy the folder ‘Windows’ and all contents in the folder ‘DOS’ from your mounted hard disk to a temperary folder.
3. In the Windows folder, edit all .ini files and change all paths starting with C to the letter of your CD rom.
4. Open magiciso and drag the Windows folder and contents from DOS folder into the Magiciso window.
5. Save the file with any file name you want, but make sure it has the .iso extension.
6. Open the new iso file you’ve created in Magiciso, and go to the tools menu and select lode boot image.
6. Browse to the path containing the boot image.
7. Click OK.
8. Save the file.
9. Burn the new iso file to a CD.
Now you can test your new boot CD by restarting your computer.
Don’t forget to unmount your mounted drive after you finished making boot CD, and dont forget to delete the Windows folder and contents from DOS folder from your temperary folder.


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