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After a while of researching, I had finally come up with the ratings for best screen recorders.

The ratings are the same as my previous one: 1 = worst, 10 = best.

The best screen recorders must comply with the following:

Must be free or open-source

Must have new versions regulary

Must be able to record sounds in edition to video

Must be compatible with most versions of Windows

Must be usable with screen readers

Let’s start the ratings

Oripa: 10. Even though it doesn’t seems to have anymore versions, but it’s just what I want! Perfect screen recorder and it is highly recommended for everyone!

Free Screen Recorder: 9. Good though, but it can’t save option; but still recommended for everyone.

Camstudio: 8. Good screen recording tool, but it still have bugs with audio recording. Not recommended for those who want sounds in their videos.

Desmume avi recorder: 5. Nice feature built into the Desmume emulator, but it lacks many features, such as option to configure recording, etc like other screen recorders have. It also can’t record only one screen, which will resolve the stretch ishue when imported into Moviemaker. The only thing that saves it from 1 is it’s audio function, which is in by the release of 0.9.4.

Desmume classic avi recorder: 1. Very bad, but this is the one from 0.9.2 and earlier, and early 0.9.3 SVN builds. It lacks audio function, and it corrupts avi when recording.


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