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Warning must read!

I’ve read one post from one website, the post stated that the Windows Genuine Advantage problem had occured during early 2008, 12,000 systems affected, all are running either Windows XP or Windows Vista. Even though validaded systems becomes invalidaded, and all systems that did a clean install/upgrade from Windows 2000 or Windows XP could not validade the system even though the product key are legal.

These 12,000 affected systems are either an upgrade or clean install from Windows 2000 or Windows XP. Those remaining unaffected systems are those that either still running Windows 2000, or running a non-genuine coppies of Windows XP and Windows Vista, or those system that always turn off automatic update, which did not affected validation status of that system.

My advice for preparing for the next outage affect is to keep your Windows 2000 installation CD, in case you need it in imergency cases. Even keep Windows me installation CD is also a good idea because Windows me did not include product activation and Windows Genuine Advantage check as well. When your system becomes a victum of the outage affect, do a downgrade installation imediatly so that you will not be count as one of the affected users.

Even though the problem is far and unlikely to occur, but it still can. Everything on Earth is possible. Who knows how many systems will become affected by the next outage problem. Probably millions, and servers may even be affected, resulting in a largest downtime of many companies ever since from the nightmare of 2003/2004 virus infection.


Comments on: "Windows Genuine Advantage Problem Warning!" (1)

  1. This post is just a warning ahead of time, which means that my warning would be valid as long as the Windows Genuine Advantage system alive. The outage affect is global, which means that if this is not fixed, the whole world would be affected, and bilions of computers would suffer, and microsoft would be cridisized by other companies like Apple, which is Microsoft’s rival, and then many people would be fet up with Windows and will then switch to osx and linux at the end, which will decrease popularity of Windows a lot.

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