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I am back!
The field trip was awsom, I have a great time with my friends!
Also, on Wednesday third of Febuary, I just have a sports day, it was fun, not so hot. The end result was, my team was last..lol!
Yesterday, I went to my school’s funfair, it was very hot, I leave early because it was too hot to do anything, even drank a bottle of coke and a cup of water won’t help!
Now, back to the topic. Today I will discuss something different, the best and worst Windows Version.
Note: these are ones that I’ve used or heard from the net. The ratings are as follows: 1 = worst, 10 = best.
Windows 2000: 9 out of 10. It nearly hits the top. Microsoft had make a good job on this os.
Windows me: 1 out of 10. The nightmare of Microsoft was Windows me. Not only it’s not stable, its system restore function restores viruses.
Windows XP: 10 out of 10. The best version of Windows ever! Microsoft had make an awsom job on this release of Windows! Not only it’s stable and fast, it’s compatible with many programs, and people didn’t took long to adapted to it.
Windows Vista: 3 out of 10. Oh, what a failure. Even though it’s beautiful, but it’s fucking slow, which is the reason that puts it down here. Although I had never use it, bu t from words of people I can actually predict how it will behave on my system.
Windows 7: 2 out of 10. What: the latest version of Windows is even worse than Vista? Even though it’s faster, but it’s poor compatibility and usability puts it down here. The program I only complain is Jaws for Windows. I believe it use to work well on Vista, but oh oh Jaws causes a BSOD on Windows 7, that’s a nightmare for blind users!


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  1. Let’s predict the future. If Microsoft has ever visited this blog, they’ll discovered that they had done a terrible work on Windows me, Windows Vista, and Windows 7. I hope that Windows 7 will go out of Mainstream support by the end of this year, it’s so worst that I want to crush my Windows 7 installation CD!
    And about Windows me, the support for that had died since 2006.
    About Windows Vista, the mainstream support will go on until 2012.

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