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Another update


Christmas is geting nearer, and my school has ended. Now I have a lot of time to update this blog until the school opens in the mid of January. Well, since I had been talking a lot about desmume, let’s change the topic. Well, today there are lots of DS emulators, they are competing to be the best one that can emulate games perfectly, but there can only be one. The one that wins the competition is the emulator that is still updating, have a well-organized documentation, active forum, and up-to-date information. No$gba is also a good emu, but it lacks the abillity of saving state, avi recording, zoom, and fullscreen option, and it also crash randomly. Ideas is also another good choice, but it is slow, still broken sound emulation, and graphics. But it is good that it didn’t crash very often, savestate support, frameskip, zoom option, and forum. Desmume is a perfect choice because it emulates all game near or perfectly without ishues, good sound, fast, customizable interface and settings, multi-platform, multi-language, well-organize and up-to-date documentation, active forum, very few bugs, avi/movie recording, screenshot, import/export sav files, and gbaslot support. I can say that it is the best emulator and there fore wins the competition.


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  1. Just a quick note, there are some more emulators like Dualis, Neon DS, and DSemu, but those are discontinued, and there fore fails to join this competition. And, the reason that desmume wons because it is still updating until now, and it is also very stable. I think No$gba and Ideas has been discontinued because I hear no good news from them.

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