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If you have noticed, I had not track spammers/strangers on Facebook for a while.

This is due to instability of my browser and my screen reader.

But spammers still increases, so still my previous warnings are still valid.

When I can fix the stability problems, I will go back to monitor Facebook again to look out for strangers.

To summarize, the list of ppls that I’ve questioned are the same. Check my previous topics for the list.


Sorry for not updating for sometimes – I’ve having a busy times – but now I’m free.

Basicly, today I will show you how you can install a Mac on your Windows – without dual boot/using VMware Workstation/buying a new comp!

This guide will use Windows 7 Ultimate x86 as a host OS, and Mac OS 9 as a guest OS. We will use the Sheepshaver program, which is quite an abandonware software – amazing that it still works on Windows 7.

Note this works only for clasic Mac OS, not Mac OSX.

What you’ll need;

  • Sheepshaver(latest build possible)
  • System7.5.3 and 7.5.5 installation files
  • Mac OS 9 CDROM
  • Rom File – this could be found on the internet, but rare since it’s against Apple’s licence agreement but now Apple probably stopped taking action against this
  • Mac OS8.5boot disk to install System7.5.3
  • GTK runtime(latest version)

How to do:

  1. first thing – download Sheepshaver – you can find it on the internet. Download it and extract to where ever.
  2. Run the sheepsheaver gui.exe file. Adjust the settings to your favor, but you must follow these settings: Memory=64mb, romfile=your own romfile or the one included with the download.
  3. Back at the general tab, click add and browse for the bootdisk. Load it so it appears in the volume list.
  4. Open hfv explorer and create a new hfv file – 500mb is recommended. Give it a name and filename – system7 is probably good.
  5. Boot the emulator and install System7.5.3 and update to System7.5.5. Make sure that during the System7.5.3 installation you choose your hfv file as the drive to install the OS to.
  6. Open hfv explorer again and create a new hfv file but this time called it System9. We do this because I believe the installer won’t let you upgrade from sys7.5.5 to macos9
  7. Go the sheepshaver settings and add the System9 hard disk file.
  8. Shutdown the guest OS and insert the Mac OS 9 CD. There should be no autoplay dialog because there is no .exe file on the disk.
  9. Boot the guest OS from System7.5.5 hard disk and launch the OS9 installation program.
  10. Make sure, and I mean make sure, that you select System9 as the disk the OS will be installed to. Selecting System7 will cause the installation to fail.
  11. Shutdown the emulator and go back to the settings and move the System9 hard disk to the top.

That’s it! You’ve created an Mac OS 9 environment inside Windows 7!


Today I just received E-mail from Microsoft. Basicly the survey asks you how do you think about Microsoft.

Here is what I think of Microsoft while answering the survey…

1. I think Microsoft is an awesome company, but here is a few things I want Microsoft to improve.

1. The price of an products – the pricing is too high, which is a problem for people who live in poorer developing countries like Thailand because these people can’t afort to buy those products and have to rely on pirated versions downloaded from torrents or got it from a friend.

2. Supported operating systems – the way MS deals with supported versions of Windows is very negative. For example, Microsoft drasticly dropped Windows 2000 support on IE7 onwards and Office2007 onwards, dropped Windows XP support on IE9 and Windows Live Essentials 2011, Dropped Windows 9x support on Office XP, and dropped help support for older versions of Windows without good reasons. Microsoft should really change the way they deal with supports. There are people living in poor country and want good quality and new products but must pay just for an upgrade for their PC in order to take advantage of new products…not everyone have that kind of money to afort the upgrade – for example people live in Africa or countryside of Thailand might not even have money to buy Windows XP or Windows 7 just to use IE8/Office2010/IE9/WL2011! Microsoft should really turn their focus and care more on poorer developing world, not just for richer developed world!

2. Another good thing about Microsoft is that all products are screen reader friendly and not too hard to learn especially for people with visual impairment or folks who are blind.

What do you think about Microsoft? Give your opinions in the survey and share your thoughts!

Facebook spims – part2

Here is an updated fresh list of blacklisted people…

There was this kid called ‘Sasha Nicol Thompson’…

There was this shit called ‘Pop Pitayachaikul’…

There was this dude called ‘Rit Charoenpanon’…

There was another shit called ‘Phaiiz Tarasansombat’…

There was another chinky called ‘Amy Mccormick’…

There was a child named ‘Vanessa Rachel Tauro’…

There was this shit called ‘Monique Rowson’…

There was another shit called ‘Jirapa Milky’…

There was this dude called ‘Minnie Chutikarn’…

There was another person called ‘Chutimas Mikey’…

And finally there was this shit called ‘View Weerarattrakoon’…!

This list will probably get longer until I can varify these people who they are…

aaahhh…lots of spammers…!

Beware of Facebook spims!


Today, I just go to check my Facebook friends galary, and I notice 2 new people are added, Also like my older post on wordpress, there are a number of people who I’ve questioned until now.

There was this guy called ‘Sasha Nicol Thompson’…

There was also this dude called ‘Pop Pitayachaikul’…

There was this kid called ‘Rit Charoenpanon’…

There was another person called ‘Phaiiz Tarasansombat’…

There was this guy called ‘Amy Mccormick’…

There was a people named ‘Vanessa Rachel Tauro’…

There was also this kid called ‘Monique Rowson’…

There was another guy called ‘Jirapa Milky’…

There was this shit called ‘Minnie Chutikarn’…

And there was this guy called ‘Chutimas Mikey’…!

Like I said, I don’t know who these shits are, but they might not be in my school…who knows…they might be someone from China…or they might be some shits from my school…but they maybe a members of a botnet…!

Since this post is accessible from Facebook, tomorrow I’ll ask my friends who those shits above are…if they say those shits from my school…then good…but if my friends say they don’t know any of those shits…then I’m fear that I’ve been hacked…!

Beware of Facebook Threats!


I’ve just read on AVG site that there are around 5981 infected pages, and 45 threats on Facebook!

This shows that Facebook is a #1 focus for hackers!

Also be careful when adding friends – sometimes they can be a joke!

Here’s some few people that I’ve questioned…

There was this guy called ‘Sasha Nicol Thompson’…

There was this person called ‘Pop Pitayachaikul’…

There was another guy called ‘Rit Charoenpanon’…

There was this guy called ‘Phaiiz Tarasansombat’…

There was this person called ‘Amy Mccormick’…

There was another person called ‘Vanessa Rachel Tauro’…

There was also this person called ‘Monique Rowson’…

And there was this guy called ‘Jirapa Milky’…!

I’m not sure who they are, but I’m quite certain that they’re not someone from my school…although the names seems familiar…but who knows…maybe they’re from other places…or they’re really from my school…but maybe they’re some sort of spams/spims…!

These shows that you really have to be careful on Facebook! Don’t ever add someone that you don’t know…if the name seems familiar to you then…question them first…as they can actually be a spammers…there are around 100,000,000,000,000,000 spammers on Facebook…!

Be safe!


High school(year 7 and up) must read!

Recently I’ve just discovered a post on AVG blog about status jacking. This is the latest technique to threaten users on Facebook. What it does is to post stuff on your wall w/o your permition. This can ruin the trust worthyness of your friends!

On the worst case, hackers can even change your log in info, preventing you from log in again ever!

Children of high school and college are most at risk…as they always use Facebook for eg for asking about homework, for asking about school project, for just chatting, and for other reasons.

Be careful there!

Hello folks!

Today, I just discovered that IE9beta is launched.

The beta has some new features, including new icon.

Get it here.

Like I said, this version will only work on Windows Vista/7.

Hope you’ll enjoy the beta! When the RC is release I will post it here too!


Today I have a good news.

Internet Explorer 9 beta is about to launched! The anouncement will be tomorrow, follow by the download around a day later.

This new version will only run on Windows Vista/7, so this is a bad news for XP users, but there are alternative browsers available for XP eg Firefox.

Picture of my playlist


Today, I will share you something really cool.

If you are iTunes user, you might be happy to know that you can directly copy and paste musics from a clipboard into the iTunes library. Copy any musics from anywhere to the iTunes library window, and boom…it’s automaticly added to the playlist.

Use this method to replace the old method of clicking file, then add…bla bla bla…replace browsing to the music with this nice feature!

Hi again,

This is my updated review on the best free screen session recorder.

Again, the best program should meet following:

Usability – is the program and it’s interface easy to use/understand? Does the program is so easy to use that even monkey can use it?

Licence – does the program free?

Development – is the program still developing?

Record capability – can the program record anything on the screen and from the speaker/microphone? Can it even record secure desktop area like uac?

Video/audio quality – how well the output was produced. Does the graphics appeared blurly? Does the audio correctly follows the video?

Virtual machine/game recording – can the program record guest session from host? Can it record windowed/fullscreen games?

Documentations – does the program has any support documentations?

When it comes down to the best screen recorders, the real best one is the one that you can record your screen the way you want and you can comertially use it.

Camstudio: 10. Great app, it is the clear winner. I thought it can’t record virtual machine sessions, but it magicly works! It is also very easy to use – I think even a monkey can use it! It is also light on resource – it is just 2 mb in size of installer, and just 12 mb when installed. It can also be made portable – it’s settings are saved in .ini files like DeSmuMe – you can copy the whole content of the install folder and put it in your USB and use it anywhere you go! I think this is the only app that can be made portable. It also still developing, and it has a fair help resources.

BB Flashback Express: 9. This thing is cool – it has lots of options, and it is still developing. But it has a force-driver installation in which it will install a display driver, which is not good – I think not all video card is compatible with the driver and you might get a bsod! The output was also very choppy. But if you want to try, then this isn’t a bad choice at all. I don’t know if it has any help resource, but it might have.

Hypercam: 9.5. A little better than BB Flashback Express – it doesn’t have force-driver installation, and it’s quite light on resources. It’s output quality was great. It is also still developing. It also has good help documentations.

Debut: 8. It is my third choice – it’s extremely light – the installer size is less then 1 mb, it produces vedio in great quality, but audio seems to be a bit laggy, and it’s development isn’t so active. I don’t know if it has help resource or not.

DeSmuMe: 5. Although targetted as a DS emulator, it too has a build in screen recorder which can record games. It also records sounds and produces perfect quality of output. But on the downside, it can only record the game, it can’t record in fixed region or panning, and it seems to be broken right now.

All of these are top picks if you have any program to suggest then post them here along with the link to their sites so I can tes them out.

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